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 Kit Snicket [EXAMPLE]

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Kit Snicket

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PostSubject: Kit Snicket [EXAMPLE]   Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:32 am

Name: Kit Snicket

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Description: Kit is quite tall and slim, and has a pale, heart-shaped face with dark brown eyes and dark, golden hair. She is usually calm and collected, and keeps her emotions to herself, but sometimes she has a habit of blurting things out. Her favourite disguise is to powder her face white and rouge her cheeks, then to wear gold glasses and a kimono. Another trick she uses is to dye her hair black.



Innocent Bystander?

Character History: Kit is the sister of Lemony and Jacques Snicket. She was abducted by V.F.D after Lemony, and was only four years old when the schism happened. Since then, she has been separated from her siblings and has been working to find them. When she was at V.F.D, she was good friends with the Baudelaire parents. It also seems as though she had a relationship with Count Olaf at some point in the past.

Reason For Being At The Hotel: To act as a flaneur, keep an eye on the Baudelaires, to meet Dewey Denouement, and to look out for J.S.

Role-Play Sample [approx. 2 paragraphs]:

Kit walked hurriedly along the corridor of the hotel, passing door after door emblazoned with golden numbers. Her three-inch heels made an annoying clicking sound on the wooden floor, which echoed loudly in the empty corridor. She kept her head down, not wanting anyone to see her face. After all, nobody wants to show their tears to the world.

What am I going to do? she thought to herself once she had reached her room. She opened the door, slipped inside, and closed it quickly behind her, going to the bed and sitting nervously on the edge, despite the fact that it was her room, and her rules. J.S? J.S? Who on earth was J.S? Jacques was...dead. It couldn't be him. Could it be Lemony, sending her a sign? But no, there were far too many people with the initials J.S. You're reading too much into it, Kit. It's probably just another volunteer. Or another villain...
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Kit Snicket [EXAMPLE]
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