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 Jargon And Abbreviations

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Kit Snicket

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PostSubject: Jargon And Abbreviations   Fri Jun 13, 2008 11:46 pm

For those of you not familiar with usual RPG vocab., check this list for the terms you're most likely to see.

RP - Role Play
RPG - Role Play Game/ing

OOC - Out Of Character (if someone puts, for example, [OOC: Hello!], it means they are talking to YOU, not your character).
RL - Real Life

PAP - Pointless Annoying Post (it's usually a one-sentence post which doesn't affect anyone or anything).

PM - Private Message (the forum equivalent of email. You can send me a PM if you are confused about any of the things on this forum, for example).

Mary-Sue/Marty-Stu - a Mary-Sue or a Marty-Stu is a character who always wants to be at the centre of attention, or makes themselves specifically to be a love interest to one of the main characters. They normally have no weaknesses and

Godmoding - when one character takes control of another without having agreed it before (eg: Kit grabbed the harpoon gun and shot Olaf through the chest, leaving him dead on the Reception Desk).

Canon Character - a character in the books (eg: Violet, Klaus, Sunny, Kit, Lemony...etc.).

Non-canon Character - a character you have made up (eg: Janet Sigmund, a secretary from Lucky Smells Lumbermill. Yes, you may use that idea...).
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Jargon And Abbreviations
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